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4-H Project Awards & Recognition Handbook

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The project handbook was developed in an effort to assist youth and adults with a better understanding of the involvement of 4-H project work.  This handbook focuses on the project itself and all other activities and events centered on a specific 4-H project. 

This handbook is designed to serve as a guide for 4-H volunteer leaders, parents, and extension agents as they help youth select and work on 4-H projects. 

Before distributing materials to youth, try to determine which manuals they already have.  Provide project manuals only to those who do not have one or to those who have completed one level and are ready for the next level.  Additional project materials and audiovisual aids for each project are listed in Bibliography of Available 4-H Literature and Visuals, located in your county Extension office. 

An age level is specified for some publications; other publications are designated Unit I, II, etc.  Generally, a person enrolling for the first time in a project begins with Unit I, regardless of age. When the first manual in a unit is completed, the member is ready for the next level. 

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