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Disaster Relief: Fuel Hauling and Storage Tips

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Be safe, not sorry!


  • Do not smoke around gasoline.
  • Do not leave your engine running while you fill containers.

Containers Must Be:

  • Metal or durable plastic
  • Color coded and labeled for petroleum products (red is for gasoline; yellow is for diesel; blue is for kerosene)
  • Lab approved
  • Properly vented

Do not use glass containers or food containers!

Filling Containers

  • Avoid static electricity (to prevent fire)
    • Place the container on the ground to fill it. Do not leave it in the vehicle to fill!
    • Nozzle should always be touching the container until you are finished filling.
    • Fill the container slowly.
  • Don’t fill completely. Leave some space for heat expansion.
  • Do not lock the nozzle for filling.

Transporting Containers

  • Check gasoline caps and vent caps for tightness.
  • Wipe off spilled fluids before putting containers in your vehicle.
  • Make sure the containers will not tip over.
  • Position containers to avoid exposure to direct sunlight. Secure containers with straps and cords to prevent movement in transport.
  • Cover with a tarp if possible.
  • Never transport gasoline or LP gas in the passenger compartment of a vehicle.

Storing Containers

  • Store gasoline in a well-ventilated shed, if possible, away from the house and equipment. Do not store in a utility room near appliances and especially hot water heaters.
  • Use only approved containers for storage.
  • Limit indoor storage to 10 gallons.
  • Keep away from children.

By Herb Willcutt, former Extension professor, Agricultural and Biological Engineering.

Information Sheet 1798
Extension Service of Mississippi State University, cooperating with U.S. Department of Agriculture. Published in furtherance of Acts of Congress, May 8 and June 30, 1914. GARY B. JACKSON, Director


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