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Publications Filed Under Lawn and Garden

Native Trees for Mississippi Landscapes

Fruit and Nut Review - Peaches, Nectarines, and Plums

Mayhaw Diseases

Fruit and Nut Review - Apples and Pears

Insect Control of Commercial Turf

Pecan Bacterial Leaf Scorch

Cucurbit Downy Mildew

Zinnias (Zinnia elegans) for the Farmer Florist

  • Publication Number: P3765
    Filed Under: Floral Design
    Publication Type: Publications

Pecan Orchard Renovation


Freesia (Freesia × hybrida) for the Farmer Florist

Palms & Cycads for the Midsouth Landscape

The Plant Doctor: Take-All Disease of Turfgrasses

A Checklist of Disease Management Recommendations for Vegetable Production

  • Publication Number: P3761
    Filed Under: Plant Diseases
    Publication Type: Publications

Impacts of Insect Growth Regulators on Tarnished Plant Bug Management

Evaluating Insecticide Efficacy Against Tarnished Plant Bugs in Cotton