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Extension Volunteer Program Mississippi Homemaker Volunteers, Inc.

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The Mississippi Homemaker Volunteers organization (MHV) promotes programs that strengthen families, encourages participation in public decision making, and trains volunteers.

Membership is open to anyone who is concerned about families and communities. The only requirements for membership are an interest in enhancing the quality of life for families and a willingness to share with others the responsibilities of making the club a success.

Members learn through educational programs that focus on caring for family and home and are encouraged to become active in the community. Topics of Interest

  • Leadership skills
  • Public policy/decision making
  • Community involvement skills
  • Nutrition, health, and diet
  • Family issues
  • Literacy
  • Personal development

MHV Clubs usually have ten to twenty members. Statewide, the organization has more than 4,000 members who participate in leadership training classes, teach lessons, participate in discussions, take the lead in community projects, and enjoy recreational activities.

Several types of club membership are available: traditional, young family, couples, special interest, newly retired, mailbox, and career evening. A small fee for each club member covers membership in county and state organizations.

Here are some special statewide projects:

  • Providing 100 therapy dolls per month to Mississippi Children’s Hospital in Jackson to be used in therapy for children with lifethreatening diseases. Donations of books, clothing, and toys are supplied daily.
  • MHV members assisted financially with the expansion and renovation of Children’s Hospital.
  • Members are actively involved with the Mississippi Legislature to bring about changes in Mississippi child-occupant protection and blood alcohol level laws that will protect the lives of Mississippi children.

For more information on the Mississippi State University Extension Volulnteer Program, contact your county Extension office.

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