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After the Storm: Building a Strong Marriage

Publication Number: P2416
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After the winds calm, the rains stop, and the waters recede, the loss from a natural disaster is obvious. Homes can be damaged, crops destroyed, jobs lost, and people killed. But one of the victims of any hurricane, tornado, or flood could be your marriage. Skills and assets that are needed to build a strong marriage can be destroyed in the disaster along with the couple's patience with each other.

Is there ever such a thing as a strong marriage? Yes, there is. One of every four marriages is considered a very strong marriage. This strength could be related to spouses' similar backgrounds, goals, and values. Part of the success of these marriages can be attributed to personality type. Those of us who do not have perfect marriages can work to build stronger ones. Just as crops must be tended, you must work on your marriage to achieve happiness and satisfaction.

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