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Natural Resource Enterprises Wildlife and Recreation - A Checklist of Considerations for Landowners

Publication Number: P2308
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Many private landowners are interested in how to begin a natural resource-based enterprise on their lands. This interest is in response to the general public’s increased desire for natural resource-based products from private lands and/or access and use of private lands for recreational use.

According to national surveys, the public is not only interested in obtaining access for products and recreational pursuits, they are willing to pay for this access. As a result, many private landowners are evaluating their potential for providing such products or for offering such activities on their lands. However, landowners are struggling with some serious land-use management decisions.

This checklist and accompanying explanations should be helpful to landowners in making decisions before they initiate and make investments in such an enterprise. This checklist is not all-inclusive; however, it does discuss some serious issues that should be evaluated before starting any type of natural resourcebased enterprise. A sample worksheet is also provided for landowners to use in evaluating individual and family goals and objectives for considering a new natural resource-based enterprise.

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