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Publication Number Titlesort ascending Filed Under Date
P2944-260 Southaven City Retail Sales Profile Economic Development 03-29-21
P3716-391 Southaven Census Profile (2010-2020) Economic Development 10-20-21
P2756 Sources of Secondary Socio-Economic Data Economic Development, Rural Development 01-03-23
P3390 Sources of Food Loss and Waste in the Mississippi-Grown Sweetpotato Supply Chain Sweet Potatoes, Vegetable Gardens 10-28-19
P2945‐259 Soso Retail Analysis Economic Development 03-29-21
P3480-336 Soso COVID 19 Sales Subject to Sales Tax Analysis Economic Development 03-30-21
P2944-259 Soso City Retail Sales Profile Economic Development 03-29-21
P3716-390 Soso Census Profile (2010-2020) Economic Development 10-20-21
P3236 Solar-Powered Groundwater Pumping Systems for Livestock Watering Livestock, Water 06-19-23
6244 Solar Fruit Dryer 04-14-14
6377 Solar Calf Shelter with Slide-In Partitions Agriculture 09-17-14
6302 Solar Calf Kennel Dairy 01-23-17
6374 Solar Calf Hutch Shelter Agriculture 09-17-14
6265 Solar Beeswax Extractor 04-14-14
6198 Soil Treating System 04-14-14
P3883 Soil Testing for the Homeowner Soil Fertility, Soil Health, Soil Testing 04-12-23
P3858 Soil Testing For the Farmer Farming, Soils, Soil Fertility, Soil Testing 01-26-23
P3660 Soil Physical Properties in Healthy Soils Soils, Soil Health, Healthy Soils and Water, Healthy Soils 09-17-21
IS0372 Soil pH and Fertilizers Soils, Soil Testing 01-15-19
P3238 Soil Nutrient Levels: Key to Forage Nutrient Management Planning Forages, Soil Fertility 07-13-21