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Combination Containers

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April 9, 2019

One of my favorite prescriptions for spring fever is a combination container today on Southern Gardening.

Putting together beautiful flowers and colorful foliage and enjoying combination containers is as easy as gathering pots and planting with everything from heirloom vegetables, flowers, or any other type of plant you would like. It’s an uncomplicated way to scratch that gardening itch when gardening in the landscape is not practical. One aspect of combination containers is the plant materials can be easily changed to match the season. One of the fun aspects of making a combination container is picking out the container itself. You can go old school and use the classic terra cotta. There’s also a large selection of glazed ceramics that would fit into any design scheme. But these containers can be very heavy and the larger containers are difficult to move. So there are containers made out of foam-like materials that look every bit like their heavier cousins. I like to grow in the basic black plastic pots, I guess it’s due to my nursery and greenhouse background. While very functional, the black plastic container is very dull. An easy way to jazz up and accessorize these basic containers is to paint them. I like to use the textured spray paints that result in a stone-like appearance. The selection of containers becomes limitless.

Balconies, porches, or very small yards, no longer are a problem once you have selected the perfect container. I’m horticulturist Gary Bachman for Southern Gardening.

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