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Garden Sitting Spots

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November 22, 2019


With the weather finally starting to get cooler we are all going to want to sit out in the garden in style and comfort today on Southern Gardening? 

There really is nothing better than enjoying cool evenings sitting in the garden after a long day.  So you might as well do it in comfort and style. 

So where do you put garden furniture?  Always put your furniture in a spot that you enjoy.  Trying to place a bench in the perfect spot from a design perspective is a waste if you don't enjoy the view. 

Garden furniture doesn't have to be expensive, it just have to be comfortable.  And the location can add to the comfort.  If you have a south facing wall you can enjoy a little season extension in the evening as the wall radiates heat absorbed during the day. 

And what better place to entertain family and friends than an inviting sitting area in your garden.  Having a canopy or umbrella, or even better a nice tree, to create some shade adds to the enjoyment factor. 

Be sure your garden furniture is portable.  If you have a number of favorite locations depending on Sun and shade, you may want to move your garden sitting area around. 

And having a folding lawn chair nearby can create an instant break room when you need to take a rest working in the garden. 

At the end of a long day being able to sit in the garden in privacy may be the best way to recharge.  Having a sitting area for one can fit the bill. 

And don't forget every once in a while to leave the iPod inside.  Sitting in the garden is really most enjoyable when you can take in all of the sights and sounds. 

I am horticulturist Gary Bachman for Southern Gardening. 

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