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Summer Angelonia

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June 19, 2019

I consider Angelonia one of the best plants for the hot summer garden today on Southern Gardening.

Angelonia is a member of the snapdragon family and thrives in the full sun during the heat and humidity during the summer season which is a requirement for our Mississippi gardens and landscapes. Angelonia are called summer snapdragons. Since the garden world is dominated by plants with round flowers, the spiky texture of the Angelonia flower stalks are welcome additions to any summer garden. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve seen the garden centers displaying some really good looking plants. In 2007 Serena Angelonia was selected as a Mississippi Medallion winner and has been a garden winner ever since. Flower colors include blues, pinks, violets, and white. Serena Angelonia will grow to 12 inches tall and spread up to 14 inches. If you’ve grown and liked Serena Angelonia then I know you will love the Serenita series which are more dwarf and compact. The colors of Serenita are in my opinion deeper and more vibrant than those of Serena. In fact Serenita Pink was named an All-America Selection Winner in 2014. Like all Angelonia, Serenita plants are drought- and heat-tolerant while continuing to produce a large number of flower stems all season long. And just to reinforce how good these plants for our Mississippi gardens and landscapes Serenita Angelonia will be named a Mississippi Medallion winner for 2016. Wherever you need summer color, Angelonia will perform the entire summer season and beyond. I’m horticulturist Gary Bachman of Southern Gardening.

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