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Backyard Warmth

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May 10, 2014
The warmer weather of spring has arrived, and our landscapes are waking up. Today I'm visiting with my friends Angie and Mark in their wonderful garden. As you enter their garden, Angie and Mark have trained the native tangerine Beauty cross vine to scramble up and over this entrance arbor. It is simply covered in flowers. Tangerine Beauty cross vine is the well-behaved cousin to its rambunctious relative, trumpet creeper. The flower buds are a pinkish red, and open into funnel-shaped orange, salmon, and yellow flowers. The flowers bloom on old wood so prune immediately after flowering if needed. The main sitting area is enclosed by two curved raised planters constructed of hand laid field stone. Here's the spring season combination of Telstar Red Picotee dianthus, violet and yellow Penny Marlies viola, and the purple petunia. The stone planter is a nice background for the gorgeous upturned flowers of the stargazer lilies. Across the back are Indian hawthorn shrubs, and growing containers with blueberries in bloom. The gas fire pit warms the sitting area in the evening. To add interest hanging baskets are strategically placed around the garden, such as this colorful red bougainvillea, which is waiting for the yellow Lady Banks rose to catch up. There are also interesting garden art features. This rain chain adds interest as the rain barrel collects water. And the use of mirrors can alter the viewer's perception and deceive the eye. They can give the illusion of looking through to the garden on the other side. The weather is warm. Now it's time to get out and enjoy your gardens. I'm horticulturist Gary Bachman for Southern Gardening.

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