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Puff the Magic Snapdragon

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December 6, 2014
Everyone knows my friend, Gary Bachman, the Southern Gardener. I’m his secret little Bloom buddy, Puff the Magic Snapdragon. Today, Gary agreed to let me tell you about some of my fellow snapdragon friends from the garden. We snapdragons are cool dudes. In fact, we really like the cool growing season. We have colorful personalities, and we stand out like a floral kaleidoscope in the landscape. My cousin Snapshot is a bushy, compact snapdragon topped by closely spaced, full flower spikes. As you can see, Snapshot and his snapdragon family are a beautiful combination of soft pastels and bicolor flowers. My friend Solstice and his family are a great choice for landscape use. They grow up to 2 feet tall with a good range of flower colors, but in my opinion, the best looking member of the family is Orange Tricolor. This handsome guy is an intense combination of yellow and orange that will be the life of the party where ever he is planted. Some new friends in the flower beds are the Twinny selections. They are the first compact snapdragons with large double flowers called butterfly blooms. But my favorite has to be Twinny Peach, which has distinct soft shades of peach, yellow and light orange flowers, and is an All-America Selections winner. Yowza! You know that Bachman guy….compared to a Snapdragon, he’s not all that. In fact the talk around the flower beds is that he’s just a common mutation, you know, really rough around the margins. In fact all my snaps around here know that I’m the real brains of this outfit. He’s just a pretty face on the TV. Blah…blah…blah…blah.…oops…..never mind…he’s horticulturist Gary Bachman for Southern Gardening.

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