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Sedum Displays

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March 8, 2014
In past Southern Gardening segments we've looked at the versatility of several species of succulents, which I lump together and call sedums. From their use as vegetation on green roofs, to pretty combination containers, these are adaptable plants. Today I want to share some other really unique ways to use and display sedums. Rhonda at Rivers Greenhouse and Garden is very creative at using recycled or repurposed materials to craft whimsical garden art. We've shown old window frames used in the garden before. But here Rhonda has actually replaced the missing panes of glass with hens and chicks for beautiful living wall art. We've all seen old wooden chairs that have the seats rotted away that are destined for the trash. Here's an example of using chicken wire to hold potting mix and growing a new and colorful seat cushion of sedums. I definitely would not want to sit on this. Now I really like this blue outdoor patio setting. Rhonda has taken sedums of various colors and textures and created a gorgeous table scape. These plants are growing in a tablecloth of blond sphagnum peat moss. This adds a fine base texture and holds enough moisture to keep the place setting looking good. And of course there are matching chairs to complement the table. This chair features a cushion of hens and chicks huddled together, and is a party of textures in gray-pinks, bronzy-greens, and dark burgundy's. These are tough plants that you can enjoy for a long time, just don't over water them. I'm horticulturist Gary Bachman for Southern Gardening.

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