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Singing the Blues

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March 22, 2014
Mississippi is famous for the Blues music. But for most gardeners, finding true blue flowers can leave them feeling blue. Even though blue flowers are hard to come by, they can be found. In previous Southern Gardening segments we have shown some cool blue flowers. One of the most popular was blue butterfly plant whose flowers actually resemble little blue butterflies in flight. Another plant with cool blue flowers is Lobelia. This old timey annual has the reputation of melting away in the summer heat. But not anymore! Lobelia Laguna Sky Blue is a heat loving selection with powdery blue flowers. And look at this combination of Techno Blue lobelia and golden yellow bidens spilling over the edges of this hanging basket. Lobelia flowers have an interesting shape with three of the petals pointing down and two small narrow petals sticking up. There are other plants that have blue flowers. Delphinium is a garden classic having iridescent blue flowers on long spikes in the spring. An unusual delphinium is Diamonds Blue which produces loose sprays of flowers during the summer months. Another good choice is Mystic Spires blue salvia that has spikes of deep indigo blue flowers. Blue can be an elusive flower color in the garden. But I know once you start using these plants in the landscape you can sit back and enjoy the "blues". I'm horticulturist Gary Bachman for Southern Gardening.

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