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4-H Shooting Sports

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Teenagers at a shooting sports competition aim shotguns at targets.
June 4, 2024


Success Stories

A woman stands in front of library book shelves beside a tall, green 4-H display.
Volume 10 Number 1

A Smithsonian Institution exhibit about rural communities continues its journey in public libraries across Mississippi.

A keeling man wearing glasses and a kilt, holding an archery bow.
Volume 9 Number 3

“Slow down. Relax. Focus. Find your balance. Imagine your problems are the arrow, but you are the bow. The string is God’s power, handling all the work. The bow holds the string that shoots the arrow.”

A man standing behind an archery target and surrounded by six children, all smiling.
Volume 9 Number 3

When Johnny O. Scott was approached 5 years ago about volunteering to lead a group of young people interested in practicing archery, he jumped at the chance.

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