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Items for a disaster kit are displayed on a coffee table.
June 7, 2024

RAYMOND, Miss. -- As hurricane season begins, older adults should be sure their disaster plan is up to date and reflects their current situation.

Buckets of peppers stand on a table at a market.
May 21, 2024

One of summertime’s treats in the South is the prevalence of farmers markets, community social events that allow shoppers to leave with a variety of fresh, local fruits, vegetables and other goods.

February 1, 2024

RAYMOND, Miss. -- Volunteers, employees and board members of the tourism sector or related organizations can get training and build networks with other tourism professionals in an upcoming certificate program. The Excellence in Tourism Leadership Program is offered by the Mississippi State University Extension Service Center for Government and Community Development in partnership with the Mississippi Tourism Association. The program will help tourism professionals learn how to market and increase tourism while gaining insight about leadership, advocacy, public policy and administration. The two-year program offers the opportunity to earn two separate certificates -- an associate certificate and a master certificate.

Success Stories

Two Black women smiling and standing in front of a hanging multicolored quilt.
Volume 10 Number 2

Iris McGee always wanted to have a quilting group in Greenville like the one her twin sister, Janis Moore, belonged to in Los Angeles.

A woman standing beside the window of a house that has a sign with “Venisha’s Home” listed on it.
Volume 10 Number 2

In Rolling Fork, the Mississippi town in Sharkey County devastated by a twister on March 24, 2023, despair was not an option.

A smiling woman, holding a bowl of rocks in one hand and a bowl of sandy colored dirt in the other, standing in from of paintings hung on a line to dry.
Volume 10 Number 2

Robin Whitfield, who gave the child the paper, stands awestruck, watching her friend’s daughter use the flower to draw and color on the page.


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