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Waste Management

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Several types of plastic and other waste surround a green chasing arrows emblem.
Out of the seven types of plastics that are manufactured, only two of them are commonly recycled. Making a few different choices can help cut down on the plastics that end up in the landfill. (Photo by fotofabrika/
April 22, 2024

Whether you recycle or not, you probably are familiar with the “chasing arrows” emblem found on plastic products. But many consumers don’t know that this symbol denotes only the type of plastic an item is made from, not its ability to be recycled. Check out these tips that can help you reduce your plastic waste.

A woman scrapes vegetable scraps off a cutting board into a countertop compost bin.
February 21, 2024

RAYMOND, Miss. -- Many of the practices associated with sustainability, such as recycling, can be extended into the garden. Composting is a way to help reduce organic waste that goes to the landfill and helps feed gardens. These organic materials, which include grass clippings, leaves and other yard wastes, account for about 30% of trash that goes to the landfill.

A pile of gifts wrapped in various papers and ribbons.
Americans throw away 25 more waste during the holiday season, but there are several ways to recycle this trash instead of sending it to the landfill.
December 15, 2023

When you think about the holidays, all the food, gifts, holiday décor, and gatherings with friends and family likely come to mind. What you may not think about is how much garbage we create during this season. Check out these tips that can help you recycle this holiday season.

Success Stories

Abby Braman standing in a creek.
Volume 5 Number 3

In 2016, Abby Braman was a newcomer to Mississippi, and she began looking for places where she could enjoy the outdoors as she did growing up in New Jersey.

A smiling woman with blonde hair, a red scarf, a denim shirt, and black pants rests her arm on the side of a “Welcome to the Mississippi Gulf” sign.
Volume 4 Number 2

Kelly Griffin remembers when Harrison County began its recycling program.

“I was in elementary school when the county began curbside recycling,” she says. “My sister, brother, and I would argue every week about who was going to take the bin out to the road.”

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