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Cut Flowers and Houseplants

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Blue and purple hydrangeas.
Adjust the pH of your soil to change the colors of hydrangea flowers. (Photo from Canva Pro)
April 14, 2022 - Filed Under: Cut Flowers and Houseplants, Flower Gardens, Landscape Architecture

Hydrangeas are a favorite among many Southerners. Their colorful blooms are a classic staple in many landscapes. They typically come in a variety of colors, including blue, purple, white, and pink. But did you know you can change the color of certain hydrangeas? With a little work and a lot of patience, you can change the color of bigleaf and mountain hydrangeas by adjusting the soil pH. How cool is that?!

paperwhite narcissus
(Photo by Canva)
December 17, 2021 - Filed Under: Cut Flowers and Houseplants

When people think of holiday houseplants, poinsettias usually come to mind. Rightfully so! They’re one of the most popular plants on the market during the holidays. One plant many people overlook for decor during winter months is the paperwhite narcissus. 

Red poinsettias
(Photo by MSU Extension)
December 8, 2021 - Filed Under: Cut Flowers and Houseplants

Other than the Christmas tree, there’s no holiday plant more sought-after than the poinsettia. Although the most popular color for this winter favorite is Christmas red, you may find white, pink, yellow, maroon, and multi-color versions at your local garden store. Poinsettias are fragile and finnicky indoor plants, but they can add a bit of holiday cheer to any space with the right care! Here are a few tips on how to choose the best-looking poinsettias, and how to maintain them throughout the season.

Rows of mums fill a flower bed.
September 13, 2021 - Filed Under: Lawn and Garden, Cut Flowers and Houseplants, Flower Gardens, Herb Gardens, Vegetable Gardens

The 2021 Fall Flower & Garden Fest will return to an in-person event but will be modified because of the persistently high number of COVID-19 cases. The fest will be held 9 a.m. to noon daily Oct. 4-8 at the Mississippi State University Truck Crops Branch Experiment Station in Crystal Springs.

Red and green tomatoes with blossom end rot.
(Photo by Canva)
March 18, 2021 - Filed Under: Cut Flowers and Houseplants, Landscape Resources, Trees, Vegetable Gardens

Don’t believe everything you hear. That piece of advice can be applied to gardening as well. We’ve all done something because a friend said that it works.

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A gray-haired man wearing overalls and glasses sits beside a raised salad table, and a black-haired woman stands behind him, wearing a blue T-shirt, with her hand on his shoulder.
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As Jimmy Henry’s health began to decline, his wife, Shirley, wanted him to remain comfortable, safe, and happy. When the time came for Jimmy to enter a nursing home, Shirley was determined to stay right by his side, so she went with him.


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