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September 7, 2021 - Filed Under: City and County Government, Economic Development

Volunteers, employees and board members of the tourism sector or related organizations can get training and build networks with other tourism professionals in the Excellence in Tourism Leadership Program.

Voter wearing mask, standing by booth and looking at camera.
October 28, 2020 - Filed Under: Community, Voter and Election Information, Health, Coronavirus

STARKVILLE, Miss. -- Mississippians voting in person on Election Day will notice extra precautions in place to ensure the safety of polling locations.

Success Stories

A woman sits behind a desktop computer at a desk talking on the phone.
Community, City and County Government
Volume 7 Number 2

New municipal clerk uses Extension training to earn promotion

From municipal elections to public-records requests, all official records for the city of Jackson are the responsibility of Angela Harris.


Four women stand next to each other under the shade of a tree.
City and County Government, Technology
Volume 3 Number 1

Small town builds big online presence

The Woodville Board of Aldermen was ready. It was 2014, and the officials concluded that the city needed a website to offer residents and tourists up-to-date information about city services, community events, and tourist attractions. City Clerk Cathy McCurley was appointed to create and maintain the new website for the southwest Mississippi town. The only problem? She knew nothing about building websites.

City and County Government
Volume 2 Number 1

Extension helps Mississippi town balance its budget

Local governments and water associations often face the balancing act of meeting the infrastructure needs of the residents they serve and keeping costs for those services affordable.

A woman wearing a black, yellow, and white dress stands in front of a bookshelf filled with books.
Community, City and County Government
Volume 1 Number 2

Extension Center For Government and Community Development trains local government officials

When Myra Murrell Davis graduated from East Central Community College in 1979, she did not have a clear career path in mind.

Woman with brown hair stands next to a street sign.
Community, City and County Government
Volume 1 Number 1

Hernando's City Clerk relies on MSU Extension

Hernando is the fastest-growing town in DeSoto County, but City Clerk Katie Harbin is part of a team at City Hall dedicated to maintaining Hernando’s small-town appeal.


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Mississippi Association of Supervisors Directory provides statistical data and contact information for each of Mississippi’s 82 counties, as well as photos and contact information for all county supervisors.

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