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Four people at a table talking to each other.
February 19, 2024


Blackberries growing.
Some of the blackberry cultivers are upright, while others have trailing tendencies that require trellising. (Photo by MSU Extension)
February 16, 2024

Looking to plant a fruit plant on your property but not sure which to choose? May we suggest blackberries! Blackberries are among the easiest fruit plants to grow, and they produce tasty berries that are perfect for baking!

Pasture with dying grass.
February 6, 2024


Success Stories

Downtown lights shining along the sidewalk.
Volume 9 Number 3

The Excellence in Tourism Leadership Program is training volunteers, employees, and board members involved in Mississippi’s tourism sector and related organizations as they build networks with fellow tourism professionals.

A woman, smiling, holding a 4-H flag and 4-H trophy and standing in front of several 4-H plaques affixed to the wall.
Volume 9 Number 3

She grew up in the 4-H youth development program in Indiana, and her husband was in Ohio 4-H. Fast-forward a few years, and Inez Saum became a volunteer leader for Mississippi 4-H.

A man, smiling, standing in front of a candle centerpiece and behind a table with bows, evergreen door swag and evergreen garland.
Volume 9 Number 3

Dr. Jim DelPrince is taking care of what matters this holiday season, and you can too!


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