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Sassafras Tree Leaves
Each sassafras leaf is unique meaning they grow in different shapes! (Photo by Adobe Stock)
June 3, 2024

This tree is quite a unique specimen. Its qualities – name, oil, habitat, and how it reproduces – make sassafras a tree to marvel at. 

White flowers blooming on a tree.
With a dome-shaped crown and twisting trunk, one could imagine southern catalpa coming out of a fantasy book! (Photo by Adobe Stock)
May 7, 2024

We’ve talked about a few trees this year. We hope you’ve learned a thing or two about how to identify different trees! 

Eastern Redbud Tree with pink flowers.
Fun fact about Eastern Redbud trees: early Native Americans and settlers created remedies to whooping cough by brewing its bar. (Photo by MSU Extension)
March 1, 2024

Could your yard use some beautification? Always! Do you want a small tree with beautiful, fragrant flowers? The eastern redbud is just for you! 

Success Stories

A man wearing a bright yellow button-up shirt leans against a large truck and rests one hand in his blue jean pocket.
Volume 8 Number 1

Annual forestry show gathers industry, highlights best logging practices

Year after year, the Mid-South Forestry Equipment Show attracts thousands of visitors. Canceled in 2020, as most large gatherings were because of the COVID pandemic, the show opened in 2021 with about 3,500 former and new attendees ready to discover the latest forestry equipment, safety guidelines, and timber-harvesting methods.

A green forest of trees.
Volume 2 Number 1

Football coaching legend also known for success in timber industry

To many Northeast Mississippians who played high school football between the early 1960s and the late 1980s, Ben Jones is a coaching icon.

A man stands on a porch with a white crepe myrtle behind him and the Mississippi River and bridge in the distance.
Volume 5 Number 3

While Adams County native Monroe Sago has always loved the look of crape myrtles, he hasn’t always known how best to take care of them. His lack of knowledge was brought directly to his attention about 7 years ago.

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