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Insects-Home Lawns

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Firefly lighting up.
The light is created by a chemical reaction that occurs (Photo from Canva Pro)
June 9, 2023

During summer nights, something magical happens. Tiny insects light up the night sky, making summertime just a bit more special than it already is.

Closeup of an armyworm
Fall armyworms can be different colors and range from light green to almost black. Photo by Blake Layton
August 10, 2022

If you’re a homeowner who loves your bermudagrass lawn, be on the lookout for fall armyworms. These caterpillars can eat voraciously, devouring yards within just a day or two. These pests show up every year from late summer to early fall, and you never know exactly when or how many there will be.

Three photos of butterflies in a collage.
Mississippi is home to numerous butterflies, ranging in a variety of colors. (Photos from Canva Pro)
July 14, 2022

Butterflies are a fan-favorite insect among many people. Not only are they pleasing to watch, they also play a vital role in our environment. Butterflies are pollinators, meaning they move pollen from one flower to another, fertilizing plants so they can reproduce. They’re both beautiful AND beneficial! 

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