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Episode 058 - Wait, so cull bucks do exist?

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February 8, 2022

A topic of much debate and argument is cull bucks. Do cull bucks exist?  Are they different from management bucks?  All good questions.  In this episode we review this terminology and discuss scenarios where harvesting cull bucks, or management bucks, makes a lot of sense.

At the beginning of the episode we revealed a new Deer Management Online Seminar Series.  Below is the link to this program, and if you have questions, please reach out to Bill Hamrick at

On this page, you will find 8 courses related to Deer Biology and Management.

Buck Selective Harvest Strategies

Deer Management Concepts: Management Approaches and Population Dynamics

Food Plot Principles

Cool-Season Food Plots

Pine Management Affects Deer Habitat Quality

Regional Variation in Body and Antler Size: Is it Nutrition or Genetics?

Reproductive Ecology: Seasonal Breeding and Reproductive Success

Understanding Nutrition and Life Stage Requirements


Last, we mentioned a book we wrote that goes into great detail about culling or harvesting management bucks.  We call the process the Strategic Harvest System and we titled the book “Strategic Harvest System: How to Break Through the Buck Management Glass Ceiling”

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