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Are swine operations required to obtain a permit?

Yes, swine operations that exceed 10 sows or 50 pigs are required to obtain a water quality permit to operate.

There are two types of water quality permits issued in Mississippi: State Operating Permit and Non-Point Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit.

The State Operating Permit is issued for swine operations that have less than 1000 animal units at any one time. An example of this would include operations less than approximately 300 sow farrow to finish operation. Animal units are based upon a formula which considers the size and numbers of the pigs produced (Multiply .4 times the number of animals 55 pounds in weight or over).

NPDES Permits are required for larger operations (exceeding 1000 animal units) per site. Contract Swine operations and farrow to finish operations larger than approximately 300 sows will fit into this type of permit requirement. Regulations for these permits require additional restrictions than the State Operating Permits.

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