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What do su, se, sh mean after sweet corn names?

There are three types of genes and sweet corn. It is the genes that cause corn to form sugar instead of starch in the kernels. The first sweet corns discovered are called normal, or sugary-1 types. These varieties are designated su-1 in catalogues. Their kernels have starch and sugar in them. The second type of sweet corn discovered has no starch in the kernels, only sugar. They are called supersweet, or shrunken 2 (sh-2) corns since the seeds a shriveled when dry. These are the sweetest corns. The third type is called sugary enhanced (se) corn. They have more sugar than su-1 types, but do have starch in the kernels.

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Close-up view of an ear of field corn encased in brown husk ready for harvest.
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Field corn is harvested after it has dried sufficiently, which means the husks are brown, not green like the husks of fresh sweet corn. (Photo by Kevin Hudson)

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MISSISSIPPI STATE -- Just as Good Friday signals the time to get the spring garden in the ground, August's heat is the indication that it's time to plant the fall garden.

David Nagel, horticulture specialist with the Mississippi State University Extension Service, said now is the time to plant tomatoes, peppers, squash, sweet corn, peas and beans.

"Summer gardens typically wind down in early August when the temperatures start being consistently above 95 degrees," Nagel said. "That's when you clean the garden out and plant the fall garden."

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By Norman Winter
MSU Horticulturist
Central Mississippi Research & Extension Center

I used to consider myself a real outdoor cooker until the other day when my 10-year-old son James asked if that was the first time I had cooked chicken. Have I been too busy for a decade?

That night I was cooking one of my grill favorites, corn on the cob with the shuck still on. There may not be finer eating in the whole world than corn on the cob with that smoke flavor.

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