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Buy Fresh Fruits and Vegetables in Season!

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Use this calendar to choose fresh fruits and vegetables year-round! Look for locally grown foods in grocery stores and restaurants, or visit your local farmers market, pick-your-own farm, or roadside produce stand.

Apples*, June–October

Asparagus, March–June

Beans, pole, June–September

Beans, green, May–October

Beets**, October–December

Blackberries, May–July

Blueberries, May–July

Broccoli, April–May, October–November

Cabbage/Collards/Mustard, April–June, October–December

Cantaloupes, June–September

Carrots, April–June, September–November

Cauliflower, April–May, October–December

Chard, March–June, October–December

Corn, sweet, May–September

Cucumbers, May–October

Eggplant, June–October

Figs, July–October

Garlic**, June

Grapes, July–October

Kale, March–June, September–November

Leeks, April–August

Lettuce, leaf, February–June, October–November

Lettuce, head, April–June, October–November

Muscadines, September–October

Nectarines, May–September

Okra, June–October

Onions**, April–October

Peaches, May–September

Pears, August–November

Peanuts, July–September

Peas, English, March–June

Peas, snap/snow, May–July

Peas, southern, June–September

Pecans**, October–December

Peppers, sweet, June–October

Peppers, hot, June–October

Persimmons, September–December

Plums, July–August

Potatoes, Irish**, May–August

Pumpkins, September–November

Radishes, January–June, October–December

Raspberries, June–July

Rhubarb, February–May

Spinach, March–May, October–December

Squash, summer, May–October

Strawberries, March–May

Sweet potatoes**, August–November

Tomatoes, June–October

Turnips, March–May, September–December

Watermelons, June–October

*Apples may be available until spring if they are stored cold.

**These fruits and vegetables may be available from storage year-round.

These time frames are statewide. The earliest dates are for counties in the south, and the latest dates are for counties in the north.

The produce available in your area may be slightly different than the dates listed here.

Publication 3144 (POD-12-21)

Compiled by Jeff Wilson, Mississippi State University Extension Service.

This material was funded by USDA's Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program - SNAP. This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

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