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County Elected Officials - County Election Commissioners

Publication Number: P3218
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Summary of Office

County election commissioners handle all things to do with elections in the county, most importantly voter registration and voting districts.

Number to Be Elected

Five per county, one representing each supervisor district.

Term of Office

Elected by geographic district for a 4-year term. The term of the commissioner starts on the first Monday of January after the election. The general election for the office of election commissioner is held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November of general election years.

Criteria to Run

Must reside in the district from which they are chosen and be a qualified elector.

Duties of Office

It is the duty of the chair of the election commission to have the official ballot printed and distributed at each general or special election. Election commissioners organize and train poll managers, canvass the election returns, give certificates of election, and make reports to the Secretary of State. They keep, revise, and update voter registration rolls with the names of all the voters and assign voters to the correct districts.

Additional information about this office can be found in the Mississippi Code Title 23 Chapter 15 Article 7.

Publication 3218 (POD-09-21)

By Jason Camp, Extension Instructor, Center for Government and Community Development.

Department: Ext Ctr for Government & Comm Devel
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