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County Elected Officials - County Surveyor

Publication Number: P3216
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Summary of Office

The county surveyor provides surveying services at the direction of the courts for county projects and individual landowners.

Number to Be Elected

One per county. Only elected if there is interest in the position.

Term of Office

Nominations for election to the office of the surveyor are made via primary elections conducted by the political parties or via a petition of qualified electors. The general election for the office of the surveyor is held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November of general election years. The county surveyor is elected at-large for a 4-year term. The term of office of the county surveyor starts on the first Monday of January after the election.

Criteria to Run

Must be a registered land surveyor and a qualified elector of the county in which he/she seeks election.

Duties of Office

The county surveyor performs all orders of survey directed by any court, makes all surveys of land within the county at the request of the owners or proprietors, and conducts any required surveying, resurveying, measuring, and dividing of land. The office is operated on a fee base.

Additional information about this office can be found in the Mississippi Code Title 19 Chapter 27.

Publication 3216 (POD-09-21)

By Jason Camp, Extension Instructor, Center for Government and Community Development.

Department: Ext Ctr for Government & Comm Devel
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