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Jimsonweed vs. Buffalobur

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(Datura stramonium)

Jimsonweed plant in a pot with arrows pointing to a cotyledon (one of the first leaves to appear from a germinating seed) and the first true leaf, which is entire and has a foul smell. Jimsonweed seeds next to a dime for size comparison. The seeds are dark brown and round.



(Solanum rostratum)

Buffalobur plant in a pot with arrows pointing to a cotyledon and the first true leaf, which is lobed and has no smell. Buffalobur seeds are dark brown and slightly smaller than jimsonweed seeds.


One weed seed is enough to start an infestation.

Publication 3651 (POD-06-21)

By Taghi Bararpour, PhD, Assistant Extension/Research Professor, and Jason Bond, PhD, Extension/Research Professor, Delta Research and Extension Center.

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