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Plant Diagnostic Laboratory

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The Mississippi State University Extension Service Plant Diagnostic Laboratory (MPDL) provides rapid and accurate plant disease and nematode diagnostic services, which include detailed cultural and chemical management strategies based on current science and tailored specifically to each individual situation.


  • Improve plant vigor
  • Prevent or manage disease problems
  • Be a good steward of the environment


  • Residential (general public)
  • Commercial
  • Research and government regulatory agencies

The MPDL is a member of the National Plant Diagnostic Network (NPDN), an internationally respected consortium of plant diagnostic laboratories supported by USDA-NIFA, and shares the NPDN mission of protecting the health and productivity of U.S. agriculture through rapid detection and communication of new and emerging plant problems.


  • Plant disease diagnosis
  • Plant parasitic nematode quantification and identification (to genus level)
  • Acremonium endophyte screening
  • Digitally assisted diagnostics through digital photo submission
  • Case-specific management recommendations
  • Electronic plant diagnostic reports and invoicing


Sample submission forms, instructions for sample collection and shipping, as well as a list of fees are available from your county Extension office and at

The information given here is for educational purposes only. References to commercial products, trade names, or suppliers are made with the understanding that no endorsement is implied and that no discrimination against other products or suppliers is intended.

Publication M1230 (03-22)

By Clarissa Balbalian, Diagnostician/Laboratory Manager, Mississippi Plant Diagnostic Lab.

Department: Plant and Soil Sciences
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Portrait of Ms. Clarissa J. Balbalian
Diagnostic Lab Manager
Plant Disease and Nematode Diagnostics

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Portrait of Ms. Clarissa J. Balbalian
Diagnostic Lab Manager
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Extension Professor
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Associate Extension Professor

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