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4-H Seed Judging

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Seeds have been important to humankind since before the dawn of civilization. First, humans gathered seeds as a source of food, but later they learned to plant seeds and cultivate crops. Most important of all, seeds are the mechanism of survival of their species. Each seed contains stored food and a tiny plant that, when given the proper conditions, will develop into a new plant that will produce more seeds.

Thus, the cycle of life continues through seeds. In today’s world of agriculture, crop production still begins with seeds. Because of mechanization and specialization, farming requires more seeds now than ever before. Having early, uniform stands with an exact number of plants per acre is extremely important. To reach these goals, farmers must plant high-quality seed.

The 4-H Seed Judging and Identification Contest is designed to help you learn to evaluate seed quality and to identify certain crop and weed seeds. When you know seeds and seed quality, you can better determine the true value of planting seeds.

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