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TummySafe© Food Safety Training for Child Care Providers

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TummySafe is food safety training for food managers in child care settings.

Please note, TummySafe can only accept certified checks or money orders by mail. Credit card payments are accepted at the TummySafe webpage.

FAQs on TummySafe

Can I use TummySafe for Food Manager Certification as required

by the Health Department?

Yes! You can earn your Food Manager Certification.

Can I use TummySafe for contact hours?

Yes! Everyone who finishes the TummySafe course receives 6 contact hours.

Is TummySafe offered online or in person?

Both! Go to the TummySafe page and click on the green TummySafe Course box on the right. After you pay, you can log in at any public Wi-Fi spot, like at a coffee shop or public library. Also, traditional in-person classes are offered. Call (662) 325-8930 for more information.

What if I don’t have Internet access?

You can log in at any public Wi-Fi spot, like a coffee shop or public library.

Can I log in and out, or do I have to do the whole course at once?

You can log in and out as often as you need to.

How much does it cost to take the course?

Participating in the online course costs $25 per person. After payment is received, you will be emailed a link to the curriculum. Enroll here.

Participating in our in-person course costs $125.

Can I send a business check?

Unfortunately, no. You can pay by credit card at the website or by money order or certified check.

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I’ve completed TummySafe; how do I earn my Food Manager Certification?

You’ll need to complete the exam and score 80% or better to get your certification.

How much does the exam cost?*

The exam is $100. To pay for your exam, please visit the TummySafe page. Click on the green TummySafe Exam box on the right to pay by credit card, or you may mail a $100 money order or certified check to the address on the exam invoice found on the webpage.

The registered proctor in your area will call you to schedule a test time and to give you directions to his/her office AFTER YOU PAY for your exam.

*Please understand that if you fail to attend the testing you schedule with your proctor, you will forfeit your $100. We do not offer refunds.

Cost for the online course

$25 for each person

Cost for the exam

$100 per person

For more information

Jenna Schilling
Email Jenna | (662) 325-8930

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