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Wildlife Habitat Education Program

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A 4-H program dedicated to teaching adolescents and teens about habitat management and wildlife and fisheries ecology.

What Is WHEP ?

Wildlife and the outdoors appeal to young people and can get them excited about appreciating, understanding, and conserving Mississippi’s natural resources. The National 4-H Wildlife Habitat Education Program (WHEP) teaches adolescents and teens the basics of wildlife ecology and management.

Research shows that spending time outside benefits people mentally and physically. These benefits, along with the essential life skills WHEP develops—oral and written communication, critical thinking, teamwork, and decision-making—have made WHEP an award-winning conservation education program!

In WHEP, 4-H’ers…

discover wildlife identification and knowledge.

  • Understanding basic ecological concepts
  • Identifying select wildlife and fish species in the southeastern U.S.
  • Learning about wildlife’s habitat and behavior

learn about wildlife management practices.

  • Evaluating habitat and its suitability for wildlife
  • Understanding the outcomes of various management practices
  • Making land management recommendations

develop a management plan.

  • Working with a team to develop a management plan just like the professionals
  • Defending the plan and its recommendations before a panel of judges

Get Started!

To get children involved with WHEP, visit the MSU Extension Wildlife Habitat Education Program (WHEP) page. Contact your local Extension agent and ask for information.

WHEP is a 4-H program, so participants must be 4-H members. They can participate as individuals or in teams of three or four, but only two teams are allowed in each county.

Regional competitions are available to junior 4-H’ers (ages 8–13), while state and national competitions are also available to senior 4-H’ers (14–18). Local Extension agents can provide additional details about training and competing.

Once you’ve talked with your Extension agent about WHEP, ask them for a copy of MSU Extension Publication 3745 Mississippi 4-H Wildlife Habitat Education Program Manual.

Then, gather the 4-H’ers interested in conservation, go outdoors, and start studying and having fun!

For more information about WHEP in Mississippi, contact Reid Nevins, 4-H Environmental Science and Education Specialist, at (662) 325-7960 or

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