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Vertebrate Pest Control in the Home Garden and Landscape

What You Need to Know about Chronic Wasting Disease in Mississippi Deer

Unlocking the Language of the Wild Turkey

Deer Processing to Minimize CWD Risks (without removing internal organs)

Mississippi’s Teddy Bear Language Arts Curriculum 3rd Grade

Fish-Eating Birds on Catfish Ponds in the Mississippi Delta

Wild Turkey Ecology and Management for Mississippi and the Southeastern U.S.

Snakes Alive! How to Identify Hazardous Snakes

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Reducing Snake Problems Around Homes

Establishing a Backyard Wildlife Habitat

Business Considerations for Private Landowners

A Cost-Production Comparison of Common Food Plot Plantings for Deer

Wildlife Find Food in Pine Trees, Too

Forestry/Wildlife Myths and Misconceptions

A Guide to Common Native Deer Forages in Mississippi and the Southeast