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The Food Factor

Food Factor host, Natasha Hayne.

Welcome to The Food Factor TV Archive! Please enjoy our first 5 years of programming for broadcast television. 
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April 15, 2018
In this week’s Food Factor segment, MSU Extension’s Natasha Haynes examines a potential disease-fighting herb called turmeric, and how you can add it to your diet.
Chicken Nuggets for Grown Ups April 8, 2018

Chicken Nuggets for Grown Ups

April 8, 2018
When you think about chicken nuggets, you may think of a kid’s menu item or maybe the only thing your child will eat willingly. But why should kids have all the fun?
Rotisserie Chicken April 1, 2018

Rotisserie Chicken

April 1, 2018
When thinking of a quick meal for the family, you may turn to fast food. But many of the meals are packed with calories and saturated fats.
Get Active May 14, 2017

Get Active

March 25, 2018
A healthy diet is only part of leading a healthy lifestyle, diet and exercise go hand in hand.
Wild Rice March 18, 2018

Wild Rice

March 18, 2018
If it looks like rice and cooks like rice it must be rice, right?


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