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September 10, 2019

Small dahlias are a great choice for containers on the porch or patio today on Southern Gardening.

Finally we have finally turned the corner and are enjoying the the warming temperatures of spring. In my travels visiting garden centers and greenhouses I’ve been reminded of plants that we don’t grow enough. Whether it’s because gardeners think these beautiful plants need an extraordinary amount of care or they’re just not on gardening horizon; regardless of the reason we need to grow more dahlias. Dahlia grows from bulb-like structures that resemble a sweet potato tuber. These are easy to grow plants and if you can grow tomatoes you can grow dahlias. Almost every garden center will have a good selection of blooming plants. Talk about instant impact. Some dahlia varieties can be over four feet all, but I like the smaller selections that can be grown in containers and enjoyed on the porch or patio. I really like the Dahlietta dahlia series with their small, compact growth habits which have many unique colors and flower forms that only grows eight to ten inches tall. Dahlias don’t require any care beyond what many other landscape need. In Mississippi I always suggest planting in a site having good drainage; this is where growing in containers is a great idea. Dahlias do need to be deadheaded to promote continued flowering through the season. This will also help to maintain bushy and compact plant growth. I’m horticulturist Gary Bachman for Southern Gardening.

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