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Matrix Pansies

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December 27, 2019


Matrix pansies are a must have landscape plant for the cool winter season today on Southern Gardening.

I think Matrix pansies, despite their name, are some of the toughest annual cool season color plants that should be planted in everyone’s garden and landscape. For the past several years I think the Matrix group of pansies are the best for gardeners in Mississippi. There is a huge range of colors and styles. Flowers with the dark blotches are thought of as a more traditional pansy, but for pure color there are selections that are called clear without the blotch. A nice feature of the clear colored flowers is that the throat of each flower has a small yellow eye. Matrix pansies are also available in color coordinated mixes instead of the traditional random color mixes. Matrix pansies have freely branching growth habits and will about eight inches tall and wide. When massed together, as pansies were meant to be planted, they create an impressive colorful landscape carpet. Pansies may be one of the perfect winter flowering annual as the plants can freeze solid and thaw with little damage; of course the flowers will be nipped back, but once it gets a little warmer the flowering will get revved up again. The short, sturdy stems resist stretching, which means the plants will look good long after the days begin warming up in the spring season. Buying your Matrix pansies now will give you the best selection.

Until next time, I’m horticulturist Gary Bachman enjoying our Southern Gardening.

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