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Over Winter Geraniums

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August 26, 2019

Geraniums are tough, in fact you can overwinter them in a box today on Southern Gardening.

Geraniums are a resilient plant. I’m sure you may have heard you can hang them up for the winter to replant next year. But here is a method I came across that may be a bit easier.

Later this fall right before a freeze shake the soil off the roots and set in a dry, shady location for a few days to dry. When the leaves have fallen off, place in a cardboard box upside down. There are various opinions why upside down is better, but the geraniums seem to survive better in this orientation. Close the box and keep in a cool and dry location, 50 to 60 degrees is best. Check every couple of weeks for signs of mold and cut off if necessary. The stems should stay firm. A couple of months before your last frost date the geraniums can be re-potted. Fill your containers with good peat-based potting mix and prune the stem back until you find green tissue and trim up any long roots. Push into the mix at least two nodes deep. You probably will start to observe growth between seven and 14 days and be careful not to over water. In four to six weeks your “new” geraniums will be ready for their spring debut whether transplanted into the garden or into a big decorative container.

Following these steps can help you enjoy your geranium year after year and save you some money in the process. I’m horticulturist Gary Bachman for Southern Gardening.

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