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Sonata Cosmos

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November 3, 2019

If you’re looking for a colorful annual that will thrive in our hot and dry Mississippi summer, then bright and cheery cosmos certainly deserve a serious look.  The flowers of Sonata cosmos are delicate and daisy-like with the petals surrounding the yellow center disk. The individual flowers sit on tall slender stems and provide movement in the slightest breeze.  The plants are reliable and long lasting. Sonata cosmos are free blooming and covered with sprays of buds that open and bloom non-stop all summer long. The colors of Sonata range from clear white to soft pastel pink to deep magenta purple. Butterflies and other pollinators will be drawn to your garden to visit these lovely flowers. The foliage adds to the seemingly delicate appearance of the plants. The leaves are opposite and look frilly and feathery. Sonata offers excellent branching, a uniform habit and large, attractive blooms. Grow in the full sun for best performance. Cosmos are very tolerant of a variety of soil conditions. These plants are tolerant of droughty conditions only needing irrigation during the driest of times.  It’s thought that the Spanish priests in Mexico named these flowers cosmos after the Greek word for orderly. It’s easy to see why because of the evenly placed petals of the pretty little flowers.  In our hot garden universe, there’s always room for easy care cosmos and it’s gorgeous color.  I’m horticulturist Gary Bachman and I’ll see you next time on Southern Gardening.

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