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Yellow Spring Flowers

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March 8, 2020

Many gardeners consider green to be the color of spring, but this year yellow is the first color popping. Daffodil blooms are for many gardeners the first visible signs of spring. These vigorous plants thrive joyously in sunny, well-drained places and are a mainstay of the spring garden. Because they are long-lived bulbs, daffodils make for a glorious landscape legacy. In Mississippi the yellow flower are a more traditional looking daffodil, but there are many other selections. Dutch Master are early spring bloomers that display bold yellow flowers that makes a striking planting. Fortissimo flaunts buttercup yellow petals offset by dramatic dark orange cups. This selection will add instant sunshine to your landscape and armloads of brilliant blooms from your cutting garden. Ice Follies display delightful, early-spring blooms with shallow yellow cups and crisp white petals. I think they look like a sunny-side-up egg. Paper Whites bloom in clusters of small white flowers. These have a fragrance that reminds me of gardens on warm, sunny days. Our other early yellow bloomer is Forsythia which may be one of the most beautiful flowering shrubs. Forsythia are hardy and long lived deciduous shrubs that thrive on neglect. I love those yellow flower lining up and down the naked arching stems. These plants are not fussy about where they are planted, as long as the soil is well drained. The color yellow is certainly announcing that spring has arrived. I’m horticulturist Gary Bachman and I’ll see you next time on Southern Gardening.

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