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Ornamental Peppers

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October 26, 2023

Today I’m in the trial garden at the MSU South Mississippi Branch Station in Poplarville looking at great examples of ornamental peppers. The Purple Flash pepper plant is absolutely stunning and features dark, almost black foliage, with occasional flashes of bright purple or white on its leaves. These beautiful leaves retain their color throughout the growing season and have a slightly glossy texture. The plant produces small dark purple flowers that develop into tiny jet-black fruit, which matures into a fiery red color. Another pepper plant that caught my eye is the versatile Sedona Sun. These plants are typically bushy and compact, growing to a height of around 18 inches and a width of about 12 inches. They produce small, cone-shaped, upright peppers that turn bright yellow when ripe. The Samba DK Orange pepper plant is another great option for adding a pop of color and spice to your landscaping. Its vibrant, small, cone-shaped, upright fruit turn a beautiful orange color when ripe. Finally, the Masquerade pepper plant is a real showstopper with fruit that changes color from purple to orange, and then matures to a bright red. Overall, any of these unique and attractive plants will add both color and spice to your landscape. All of these ornamental peppers are edible. However, I should mention that these peppers are really hot, so eat them with caution! I’m Eddie Smith, and I will see you next time on Southern Gardening.

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