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January 18, 2024

Today Southern Gardening is at Adams Nursery in Petal, MS. checking out some of their different varieties of Distyliums. Distyliums are valued for their attractive, glossy foliage that remains vibrant throughout the year, providing year-round visual interest. The plants are often disease-resistant, contributing to their overall hardiness and low-maintenance nature. Known for their versatility, these evergreen shrubs or small trees thrive in a variety of growing conditions, tolerating both sun and shade as well as different soil types. Swing Low Distylium is a low-growing evergreen shrub that makes a perfect prostrate groundcover. Maturing to only 2 to 3 feet tall and spreading to 4 to 6 feet wide, Swing Low has blue-green leaves densely arranged on horizontal branches. Linebacker Distylium is an upright evergreen that takes on the shape of a white oak barrel in youth and matures into an excellent screen or hedge plant. Its reddish new growth matures to lustrous dark green and does not thin out in the center of the plant. Linebacker is becoming a popular plant used for hedges. Cinnamon Girl Distylium features leaves with plum-purple new growth that turns to blue-green as the leaves mature. The small leaves and compact growth on this Distylium give Cinnamon Girl a refined look in the landscape that is perfect for mass plantings and garden borders. Distyliums are a member of the witch hazel family, hardy from Zones 7-9, and have petite red flowers that appear in the winter. If you are looking for evergreen plants for your landscape, any of these Distyliums would be a great choice, I am Eddie Smith, and I will see you next time on Southern Gardening.

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