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IN THIS WEEK’S FEATURE EPISODE: We start with a story on “agri-tourism” – a family favorite! In our Southern Gardening segment, the gateway to Mississippi State University is also a landscape showcase! Plus, it's the most common row crop in the U.S., worth $75 billion a year, but what IS corn? And the conclusion of our behind-the-scenes story on Bull Bottom Farms proves that Katie Robinson had the PERFECT idea for how to present the farm to the public.

IN THIS WEEK’S EPISODE: The COST of farming, as you might think, is expected to go through the roof in 2023. SO WHAT ARE FARMERS TO DO? In Southern Gardening – deep in the heart of winter – some plants can still add a splash of color. Plus, a popular crop “good to the last drop” – a coffee connoisseur tries the ultimate experiment: DEEP FRIED COFFEE! And in our feature, a "DUCK-UMENTARY" – one company literally getting its ducks in a row!

IN THIS WEEK’S EPISODE: A follow-up on John Deere's agreement with the American Farm Bureau to let farmers fix their own tractors. Plus, with egg prices skyrocketing, everybody's talking about how expensive they've become. In Southern Gardening, an encore -- Gary showcases campus plantings at Mississippi State. And in our feature, a look back at a tumultuous year – 2022 in review.

IN THIS WEEK’S EPISODE: John Deere relents – after years of lawsuits, new progress toward a new right to repair. In our Southern Gardening segment, Hunter Henry at Mississippi State University. It’s an amazing building – and it's Gary Bachman's showcase. And in this week’s feature, truckers still making the news. But the big picture? We still need more of them!

IN THIS WEEK’S EPISODE: Despite all the recent moisture, the Mississippi River is still low enough to restrict barge traffic. But in another part of the country, shipping by water is the preferred way to move goods around. In our Southern Gardening segment, a poignant and heartfelt final goodbye to a retiring Gary Bachman. And in our feature, an unusual partnership in Colorado puts ranchers on land – and students in classrooms.

IN THIS WEEK’S EPISODE: A new spin – literally – on an old technology: Ag drones to the rescue! In our Southern Gardening segment, now that Christmas is over, Gary's "DIY" on poinsettia revival. Plus, in Extension Matters, “Arranging Joy!” – a floral approach to teaching. And finally, go deep sea diving with the Mississippi Aquarium!

IN THIS WEEK’S EPISODE: We continue our series on farm stress with the emotional story of Steven Sanford. In our Southern Gardening segment, we’ve got mail! Letters from Gary's mailbag. Plus, while many of us enjoy holiday meals, one group is making sure others won't go without. And back on our series, Mississippi Farmer Steven Sanford survived a head-on crash, but his recovery was gut-wrenching.

IN THIS WEEK’S EPISODE: As we near the end of the year, we hear more from Mike McCormick, president of the Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation. In our Southern Gardening segment, Christmas is right around the corner – and you know what THAT means! And speaking of Southern Gardening, host Gary Bachman (retiring soon), has a little more to say to viewers. And finally, a trip down “Candy Cane Memory Lane” – it’s a Farmweek story from the turn of the millennium!

IN THIS WEEK’S EPISODE: The president signs legislation to avoid a rail strike -- and that angers workers. NOW what? The Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation celebrates a hundred-year anniversary. We'll hear from its president Mike McCormick. In our Southern Gardening segment, Gary's got gift ideas for the holidays. And speaking of Christmas, an encore -- Zac goes “Off the Highway” in search of Christmas trees.

IN THIS WEEK’S EPISODE: As the world seeks to stabilize trade, the presidents of the U.S. and China come face to face. And speaking of trade, what IS the state of America’s rural economy? In Southern Gardening, our award-winning segment host Gary Bachman prepares to retire! And finally, they were LOOKING for new revenue sources. Turns out flower pots made of cow MANURE was the answer!