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IN THIS EPISODE: Angus CATCHOT is the new leader of MSU Extension. And this week, we begin the process of getting to know him better. In our Southern Gardening segment, Eddie Smith takes us to a little woodland garden (YOU could have your own such getaway!). In the markets, Zac digs deep into this month's Supply & Demand report. And in our feature, once again we travel BACK IN TIME to meet MSU’s "Women in Poultry."

IN THIS WEEK’S EPISODE: U.S. ag trade deficits COULD be erased with a Mississippi trade mission overseas. Plus, at MSU, Extension is for everyone, and THAT starts with “Accessing Nature.” In our Southern Gardening segment, this week, we're in Tupelo, checking out a beautiful backyard garden! And finally, the rest of the story. After years of ag trade surpluses, can new DEFICITS be defeated?

IN THIS WEEK’S EPISODE: Veterinarians in Texas tackle bird flu in a perplexing (but solved) dairy mystery. Plus, we all know interest rates are higher, but SOME farmers are catching a BREAK. In our Southern Gardening segment, we’re talking NATIVE BLOOMERS; Eddie says you don't have to be EXOTIC to be colorful! And a historical Mississippi encore – a food desert no more. A follow-up in this week's feature.

IN THIS WEEK’S EPISODE: Trade policy in the news, with Mississippi on the other side of the planet to get a leg up. Plus, with planting comes the need for IRRIGATION SYSTEMS – and the Mississippi Crop Situation podcast to explain it all. In our Southern Gardening segment, one type of plant is known as a PERENNIAL, but Eddie says it doesn't HAVE to be. And in our feature, we meet a farmer who proves you really CAN teach an old dog new tricks!

IN THIS WEEK’S EPISODE: We're back “On the Farm” for the emotional story of Mississippi’s Steven Sanford. In our Southern Gardening segment, "Easy Wave Rose Fusion." You’ve gotta love the names of THESE pretty petunias! In the markets, WHY did net farm income take such a BIG HIT? We have DEEP INSIGHT from MSU expert Kevin Kim. And back on our series, Steven Sanford survived a head-on wreck, but his recovery was gut-wrenching!

IN THIS WEEK’S EPISODE: An encore of our Emmy-winning series "ON THE FARM" in prep for a key follow-up. In our Southern Gardening segment, "Electric Lime" – just one of the MANY names for COLORFUL COLEUS. In the markets, the Feds say farmers could be in for a ROUGH RIDE! A Mississippi State EXTENSION expert explains why. And back “On the Farm,” dairy farmer Will Gilmer has a definite “Plan B.”

IN THIS WEEK’S EPISODE: BIG NEWS! Bird Flu seems to have jumped to humans. PLUS, more about China's threat to American agriculture. Is China secretly buying farmland in Mississippi? ALSO, in southern gardening, you might be belting out "holy cow," but not for the reason you think! AND, in our feature, a tough market place, the challenges pork producers are now facing.

IN THIS WEEK’S EPISODE: QUESTION #1: How much of a threat to American agriculture IS China? QUESTION #2: How MUCH of that threat is directed at MISSISSIPPI? More on both this week. Plus…in Southern Gardening, want some “killer thriller” in YOUR yard? (NOTE TO VIEWERS: It's EASIER than you think). In the markets, cattle analysis from MSU ag econ expert Josh Maples, including insight on that TEXAS WILDFIRE. And speaking of cattle, in our feature this week, we're headed BACK IN TIME for a little fun with a BULL-RIDING VETERINARIAN!

IN THIS WEEK’S EPISODE: The fires in Texas rage on – and the losses for cattle ranchers pile up. Plus, the USDA releases a rule designed to prevent meatpackers from retaliating against the little guy. In Southern Gardening, when is a flower actually NOT a flower? Find out from Eddie Smith! And in our main feature, a Dixie National redux!

IN THIS WEEK’S EPISODE: The concluding segments of our series "The Hungriest State." The future for Mississippi fisherfolk? Not a pretty picture! In Southern Gardening, “Aurora,” “Burro's Tail,” and “Orange Delight” – Eddie has the inside scoop on THESE beauties! Back on our series, the Fisherfolk conclusion. Are we looking at the potential COLLAPSE of the Mississippi fishing industry? And in our main feature, meet “Miss Ruby,” the Queen of 4-H!