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2023 Apprenticeship Opportunities

2023 applications are now closed.

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Boosting Savings of Mississippian (PDF)

Coastal Conservation and Restoration Apprenticeship (PDF)

Integrated Forage and Livestock Grazing Systems (PDF)

Marine Debris and Litter Apprenticeship (PDF)

Sea-Level Rise and Flood Resilience Apprentice (PDF)

Trauma Informed Family Life Education (PDF)

The Story of Wildlife in Our Cities- Listening to our Neighbors (PDF)

What do Family and Consumer Sciences FCS Professionals Need Know (PDF)

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This project is supported by the FY16 USDA NIFA AFRI ELI Research and Extension Experiential Learning for Undergraduates (REEU) Fellowships Program of the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, USDA, Grant #2017-67033-26015.


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Girl wading knee-deep in water measuring its depth with a yardstick
Filed Under: Undergraduate Apprenticeship Program, Environment May 26, 2021

Like sea levels, expenses related to flooding in communities and businesses along the Gulf Coast are rising.

One student spent last summer investigating ways to mitigate these costs while enhancing approaches to shoreline protection during her time in the Mississippi State University Extension Undergraduate Apprenticeship program. The program is targeted toward high-achieving undergraduates from across the country to give them firsthand experiences in research and extension to understand how research can be applied.

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