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‘4-H People’ all seem to have one thing in common –
They love 4-H and feel a huge need to share the 4-H experience with anyone who will listen.

To channel all this positive energy, the Mississippi Volunteer Leaders’ Association (MVLA) was established to provide a ‘Power Line’ to disperse this energy across the state. You never leave an MVLA activity without feeling recharged and ready to make a difference!

Members of MVLA share a vast network of resources and people who are motivated by the same goal – to support Youth Development through 4-H. But the MVLA goes one step further and intensely promotes ADULT Leadership Development. Through the MVLA forums and conferences held throughout the year, MVLA members receive information on how to improve their 4-H programs, they have the opportunity to network and share real-life experiences with other volunteer leaders across the state and country.

At the MVLA forums and conferences, members can talk to Extension specialists and personnel to gain valuable insight into Extension Programs and for life-long partnerships. Through the MVLA, members gain a greater understanding of the needs and challenges of Extension personnel, as well as educating Extension personnel on the needs of volunteer leaders. The MVLA serves as a bridge to help Extension staff reach more youth throughout the state, even in times of budget-restraints and personnel shortages.

The most important personal advantage of being a member of the MVLA, however, is the ‘Face-to-Face’ connection YOU have with other adult Volunteer Leaders who share the same challenges and opportunities. This connection can provide you with a lifetime of memories and a network of friends and resource people across the state and country.

The MVLA also does one more very important thing; it serves as a collective voice from across the state, which speaks to ensure that 4-H provides opportunities for young and old alike well into the next century. Through this collective voice, we are able to:

  • Provide funding for 4-H activities.
  • Promote the need for 4-H to our elected officials.
  • Impact the future for thousands of young people in Mississippi.

The MVLA is truly a ‘Power Line’ into the future of 4-H’ers and adult leaders in Mississippi.

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If you’d like to volunteer more in the New Year, Extension has some wonderful opportunities. We have volunteer organizations designed for all ages and interests, including gardening, healthcare, natural resources and youth development.

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