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Dear friends,

As you read the powerful client testimonies featured in Extension Matters, you can see the positive impact of Extension’s programs in agriculture, youth development, conservation, healthy living, and community building. Your generosity can help Extension accomplish even more!

My goal as development director for the Mississippi State University Extension Service is to inspire Extension’s many supporters. As I help prospective donors understand Extension, what it does, and how it serves individual and community interests, they realize what kinds of impacts their gifts have.

Extension specialists and agents continue working very closely with industry contacts in Mississippi agriculture, and producers of every crop grown in the state benefit from our specialists’ knowledge.
Our work with young people in 4-H clubs and programs in every county in the state is teaching them responsibility and discipline.
Extension continues its longtime role with state and national agencies to conserve Mississippi’s beautiful natural resources.
Nutrition and physical activity programs are helping Mississippians live healthier lives.
Services for government officials and entrepreneurs are enabling them to build better communities with more services.

This beneficial work resonates with prospective donors and friends of Extension who want to help us advance our land-grant mission and assist Mississippians everywhere. We want to show dollars at work, strengthen programs and facilities, and support our faculty and staff so they can be more effective in their endeavors.

With so many different programs, there are a variety of ways to support MSU Extension programming, and I am happy to answer any questions you may have about how to give, where the money will go, and what kinds of impacts your generosity may have. Please contact me at (662) 325-0480 or, or visit to give today!


Will Staggers
Development Director, MSU Extension Service



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Extension Matters cover volume 7 number 3.