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A sign marking the entrance to the Heritage Demonstration Garden with children standing in the background.
Warren County Master Gardeners are growing native plants and teaching their history to visitors at the Heritage Demonstration Garden at Vicksburg Military Park.

Warren County Master Gardeners share the Heritage Demonstration Garden

“It’s the team, the community of Master Gardeners and the people that I talk to who are so excited to learn. They keep me coming back. The Master Gardeners are an extension of Extension. We’re getting knowledge about these plants out, and, the more information we share, the more people we can help. It feels good helping others. We couldn’t have done this Heritage Garden without Extension. Plus, anything anyone wants to know, Extension has a publication for it!”

— Linda Baudo

Warren County Master Gardener and Heritage Demonstration Garden leader


Warren County Master Gardeners, a group of trained volunteers, began and now maintain the Heritage Demonstration Garden. With a variety of flowers, vegetables, and herbs, the garden offers visitors a chance to learn how people produced food in the 1800s. Junior Ranger Campers visit the garden each summer, and visitors from all over the country come, too.


The Heritage Demonstration Garden has eight sections: two feature flowers, two feature herbs, and the final four feature vegetables. Period plants, including medicinal herbs and heirloom vegetables, are grown alongside the Three Sisters, a traditional Native American planting of corn, beans, and squash.


Whenever the park is open, visitors are welcome to visit the Heritage Demonstration Garden, located in front of an administrative building along the tour drive. Normal business hours are 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. daily.


Master Gardeners support the Heritage Garden by volunteering each Tuesday under the direction and leadership of Linda Baudo. The garden was first funded in 2011 by a grant from the National Park Service. Upgrades came in 2016 when Master Gardeners received another grant to add irrigation and purchase other supplies for the garden. A 2019 grant allowed the gardeners to install a better walkway, develop educational materials, and even start a podcast, “Know Your Roots.”

Vicksburg National
Military Park
3201 Clay Street
Vicksburg, MS 39183

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