Teaching in the Culinary Classroom

Five young adults and two women wearing black aprons and face masks smile for a group photo in a kitchen.
Students studied culinary arts through the Eating Smart, Being Active program delivered by the MSU Extension Service.

At Winona Career and Technical Center in Montgomery County, students studying culinary arts participated in the Eating Smart, Being Active program, delivered by the Mississippi State University Extension Service in the spring 2022 semester. During the 9-week course, each class built upon the preceding lesson, and, as part of each lesson, students prepared a recipe, tasted it, and engaged in 15 minutes of physical activity. Students reported they are now able to use their skills at home to prepare healthier meals.

Four students listen as a woman lectures the class.
Extension nutrition educator Jackie Pullen, part of the Expanded Food and Education Program, led classes with culinary arts students.
Two young women, wearing aprons and facemasks, look at grocer circulars.
Culinary arts students Keara Burt and Shaniya Davis learned shopping tips for buying fruits and vegetables.
A female teen chopping a green bell pepper with an older woman looking on.
Libby Carson, culinary arts teacher explained proper knife skills to student Sierra Mills.
A young man wearing a chef’s hat tasting a cup of noodles.
Culinary arts student Kellar Russell sampled the tasty dish he created.
A female teen wearing a chef’s hat transfers vegetables into a cooker.
Culinary arts student Chloe Boone cooked the vegetables she chopped and seasoned.

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