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Food Science, Nutrition and Health Promotion

MSU Mailstop:
Mailing Address:
945 Stone Blvd
Mississippi State , MS
Physical Address:
945 Stone Blvd
Mississippi State , Mississippi


Name Job Title Email
Mrs. Latara Marie Arterberry Business Manager I
Portrait of Ms. Bobbie Jo Bensaid Ms. Bobbie Jo Bensaid Extension Instructor
Portrait of Dr. David Buys Dr. David Buys Associate Professor
Portrait of Ms. Keltra Er Ques Chandler Ms. Keltra Er Ques Chandler Extension Associate II
Portrait of Dr. Courtney Crist Dr. Courtney Crist Associate Extension Professor
Ms. Sarah Frances Downs Intermittent Worker
Ms. Shayla Evans Administrative Assistant I
Portrait of Mr. Brice Alexander Fortinberry Mr. Brice Alexander Fortinberry Graduate Research Assistant
Portrait of Ms. Jasmine Raniece Harris-Speight Ms. Jasmine Raniece Harris-Speight Extension Instructor
Mr. William Edwin Hood, III Intermittent Worker
Ms. Hannah Horton Howell Administrative Assistant I
Ms. Vicki H. Leach Instructor
Portrait of Mrs. Qula Madkin Mrs. Qula Madkin Extension Instructor
Ms. Meredith Kate Maynard Graduate Service Assistant
Ms. Leanne Renee McGarr Business Coordinator
Portrait of Ms. Mmesoma Immaculeta Okafor Ms. Mmesoma Immaculeta Okafor Extension Associate I
Ms. Sophia Cline Oswalt Graduate Research Assistant
Portrait of Ms. Yolanda Ellis Pruitt Ms. Yolanda Ellis Pruitt Program Manager
Portrait of Ms. Ann Sansing Ms. Ann Sansing Extension Instructor
Portrait of Dr. Mark Wesley Schilling Dr. Mark Wesley Schilling Professor & Interim Head
Portrait of Dr. Juan L. Silva Dr. Juan L. Silva Professor
Ms. Shelby Grace Sledge Graduate Research Assistant
Mr. George Irby Tate Intermittent Worker
Ms. Tatu Kamangira Taylor Graduate Research Assistant
Ms. Anna Grace Tribble Extension Specialist I
Ms. Karen Michelle Wilson Administrative Assistant I
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