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Pontotoc County Virtual Conservation Field Day Video Program

Department: MSU Extension- Pontotoc County


MSU Extension Agent James Shannon welcomes students to the 2021 Pontotoc Conservation Field Day

Sheep Production

Harry Patterson welcomes students to his farm as he discusses his sheep farming operation. Join him as he bottle feeds young lambs!

Cattle Production

Harry Patterson explains his beef cattle operation. Would you like to name the longhorn?


Join Harry Patterson in a walk through the woods. Mr. Patterson explains why he grows trees and how he keeps them healthy.

Trace State Park

Trace Lake State Park Manager, Josh Massey, takes students on a tour of the park. Can you name 5 fun things you can do at the park?


The Pontotoc County Master Gardener group explains the use of composting to make garden soil. Did you know getting dirty could be so much fun?

Greenhouses and Vegetable Production

Stanley Wise explains how he uses greenhouses to take care of his baby plants.

Row Crops

MSU Extension Agent James Shannon discusses the types of row crops planted in Pontotoc County. Can you name the three main row crops grown in Pontotoc County?


MSU Extension Agent James Shannon discusses 4-H. What 4-H project would you like to participate in?

National 4-H Week 2017 Join 4-H

What does 4-H mean to you?  Look closely, you may recognize several 4-Hers from Pontotoc County.

4-H ATV Safety Program

MSU Extension Agent James Shannon discusses the 4-H ATV Safety Program. Doesn’t this look like fun?

Mississippi Bats

Deb Davis with the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science talks all about the bats that fly at night in Mississippi.

Two-headed Snake

Is this possible? Deb Davis discusses the two-headed Snake that is housed at the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science.

Wildlife Law Enforcement Officer

MDWFP Conservation Officer Matt Gray discusses Mississippi Wildlife and how they are cared for and conserved.

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